Youth Choir Uniform Info

The uniform committee is so excited to be renting to you your formal choir uniform.   

Each of your uniform pieces has been numbered.  This number has been assigned to you for the duration of your time with AVHC.  The skirt is numbered on the white tag at the back of the skirt.  The number for the top is on a white piece of ribbon that has been sewn onto the bottom right seam.  Please do not remove these tags.

If at any time these numbers come off or are accidentally removed, please let the uniform committee know so we can redo it for you.

If at any time during your time in AVHC, one or both uniform pieces becomes too small, please let the uniform committee know and we will be pleased to give you another size.

Your uniform has been given to you in a black garment bag with the AVHC logo.  These bags are to be used to protect your uniform when not in use and is to be returned to the choir along with your uniform when your time with AVHC has come to an end.

PLEASE NOTE:  The uniform pieces are to be worn for Honour Choir purposes only and will be required for all formal performances.

Care and Washing Instructions for Girls Uniform:

Your uniform consists of a 100% polyester long black skirt, and a top that has a jersey bodice with a 100% polyester cowl and crepe sleeves.

THE TOP:   Hand wash your top, and hang to dry.  Iron on a low heat, if necessary.
THE SKIRT:  Machine wash on a gentle cycle.  Dryer on low.  Low iron heat if necessary.

Care and Washing Instructions for Boys Uniform:

PANTS: Machine wash in cold water.  Tumble dry on LOW heat or hang to dry.
SHIRT:  Machine wash in warm water.  (Do NOT add bleach). Tumble dry.  You can you a warm iron.
VEST: Machine wash in cold water.  Tumble dry on LOW heat or hang to dry. DO NOT IRON.
TIE: Do NOT put in washing machine.  Carefully spot clean only. Iron on very low heat.

If you have any questions please call…..

Thank you,
The Uniform Committee